Cat Lady Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This week moved slow as molasses. Did anyone else feel that way too? Hate when the days drag like that. So as I am writing this post, it pumps me up because hey it's FRIDAY!! Woop woop! *insert happy dance here* So here is the weekly Cat Lady Friday post bringing you all things cat related that I have come across this week. :)

A friend of mine showed me these amazing cat shoes from Mod Cloth. And they have a cute little heel, so perfect! And oh my goodness...as I looked around Mod Cloth they have so much cute stuff. This paw door stop made me laugh. Does anyone else's cat creep on you? Especially when you are in the bathroom. haha. I mean, dogs and kids do it to....its like they know the exact wrong time to come and find mom or dad.

Also, this totally amazing plane white tee with a peek-a-boo cat exists, and I'm in love. Maybe it will go on sale soon, so I can snatch it up?

I can hardly type this post because my cat, Audrey, is currently laying all over my hands and laptop.....cats and their obsessions to lay on books or laptops or basically anything you are trying to concentrate on. lol First world cat problems right here:

And finally, something to make you laugh on this Friday: 22 Cats Winning at Life  via Buzzfeed.

Have a great weekend! Do you have anything fun/special planned? This weekend we have some friends visiting from out of town, and will be pretty busy. Hope you enjoy everyday. Love you all! *muah*


FAQ About Shopping on Instagram

I am here to teach you the magical ways of shopping on Instagram. It isn't really magical at all, but it can definitely feel like it when you find the most amazing dress for less than half of what it sold for originally. My dress and shoes pictured were both bought on Instagram shops (check my Instagram @caturdaystyle because I tagged them on the post). Also, I wanted to share these pictures because I had so much fun shooting them, and love the flowers too.

FAQ for Shopping on Instagram

1.) How did you find out about Instagram shops
I was introduced to the world of Instagram shops when one of my friends started a closet shop, which I thought was a genius idea, so I started one of my own. Then my life was never the same again. haha But seriously, half of my closet has been bought from Instagram now. Different closet's often share other people's shops so that is how I was able to find many different shops.

2.) How does one shop on Instagram?
So this is a tough one because each shop has a few different policies, but manly when a shop posts (some post daily M-F, weekly, monthly, or randomly) they will introduce their post with their policies. Such as you need to comment your email to claim the item, Paypal only, how much shipping is, when they ship etc. All of the shops that I have ever bought from use Paypal, and it is the best and so easy. Paypal protects the seller and buyer. You comment your email, the shop owner send you an invoice from Paypal and then you can pay with your Paypal account or even pay with a debit or credit card. Super easy! Then if the seller uses Paypal to set up shipping you will then get a notice that a label was printed and will also get a tracking number (this is for certain shops, not all shops use Paypal for shipping). I encourage you to try it, and always ask the seller if you have an doubts. The Instagram shopping community that I have become apart of is so wonderful, kind, and supportive.

3.) Any tips before I venture out into Instagram shopping?
Yes, it can be hard to shop online because you are not able to try the item on, which is why most shops do try-ons or post stock photos so you can see what the item looks like on. Also, please get measurements for the item because almost all Instagram shops do not except returns, but they will measure the item so you can know if it will fit you well or not. Asking for measurements really makes a difference! Some shops already have the measurements posted on their listing.

4.) What are your favorite Instagram shops?
Well, I have many, so this is a hard question to answer, but I will list as many as I can. All of these women have been amazing and kind and I recommend buying from them:

- @itemsiusetolove - many different fun brands (JCrew, Gap, Free People...etc)
- @amylouscloset - all things Anthropologie
- @petitekyshop - different brands that are awesome
- @devansroses - Free People/ Anthropologie / Urban Outfitters
- @youneedmystuff - Target brands, and other fun stuff 
- @shecanthrift - Any and all fun brands
- @shoplindseyscloset - boutique finds and other brands
- @eliseyrichard_closet - because I have to throw mine in the mix too. haha I try to sell mostly Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, JCrew, and boutique brands. Or whatever fun thing that catches my eye. :) Also, I sell my gently used daughter's clothes when she grows out of them.

Those are all my favorites...I might add to this list, but for women's clothes and accessories these are my go to shops. I love all of these shops and have bought from them all, usually multiple times. haha. This list is constantly growing, and I am sorry if I forgot someone because I love other shops too! There are so many to choose from.

5.) What can you buy on Instagram?
Mostly women's clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses, hats...almost anything women related you can find. Also, there are many shops that specialize in selling their child's clothes, so you can find an abundance of girls and boys clothing in any size you need too. Not many shops sell Men's clothes, but every once in awhile, some will. :)

6.) Help with Instagram lingo
This is a fun one and I hope I don't leave anything out. If you need to search for a specific brand of clothing use hashtags, they are awesome, For example, I like Free People a lot, so I will search #freepeopleforsale and then I can find lots of items from Free People that are being sold from all different shops. 
NWT - new with tags
NWOT - new without tags

And like I said if you ever have any questions, ask the shop owner (or me), everyone is super nice and helpful. I hope you are able to find some amazingly cute and cheap clothing items on Instagram. Now go forth and shop! Treat yo self! 


O's Game

Last night we were able to take Sansa (our daughter) to her first Orioles baseball game thanks to the Casey Cares Foundation! She had so much fun, and so did we. I wasn't sure how she would do at the game, but she had a blast cheering and dancing to the music. Also, I think the hot dogs helped. :) I feel like I can't go to a baseball game without getting hot dogs, and Camden Yards is really cool because they let you take in food like hot dogs, and unopened bottles of soda and water into their stadium. I have seen people bring in huge boxes of pizza into the games before. haha. We always get our hot dogs and drinks right outside the stadium (people have tents lined up selling drinks, snacks, and yummy ball park food), so they are hot and fresh.

Today is this beauties Gotcha Day too! Which means that this is the day that Sansa became our daughter and lived with us in Hungary for 30ish days (it was a long process and she has to stay with us for 30 days before we could bring her back to the US). She has been our daughter for one year, and man has it been an amazing, crazy, and beautiful year. It feels a lot longer than one year, like she has been with us from the beginning. She is such a blessing and a joy, and I am just so happy to be her mom. I keep getting all emotional when I think about it. Our lives have changed drastically, for the better, and I can't imagine life without her. Since becoming a mom, I feel like I am such a sap and can cry at anything. haha. We are going to celebrate with getting cupcakes later today. Woo!

Love you all! Have a great day! *muah*


Cat Shirt + Thrifting

This is a Wildfox shirt that I bought from @shecanthrift on Instagram. Similar shirt here and these, here and here, are from Hot Topic which is having a 30% off sale. Shoes are from Target. Jeans were thrifted from Goodwill, brand is Decree similar here for only $19!
The weather was really nice this weekend! I was able to wear skinny jeans and not feel them cling to my legs as they sweat. haha. This cat shirt has probably been one of my best finds on Instagram as far as cat things go. :) I love it so so much! Soft comfy tees are perfect for the summer because I feel like I can breathe in them and they aren't stuffy.

 I was thinking the other day that some people don't thrift because they don't have time to go dig around in stores to find what they want. I think Instagram shopping really changes the game because you don't have to leave your house to thrift. It is like the online shopping version of thrifting. I want to do a post or a miniseries of posts just about shopping on Instagram. Does anyone have any questions they would like me to answer? Or anything you want me to talk about as far as shopping on Instagram goes? Or thrifting as a whole? I will probably do a FAQ format, so please ask away! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Cat Lady Fridays

Happy cat because it is Friday! :) I am now dedicating a Friday post to all things cat. So here we go....

Aren't these cuddling cats just so adorable? When I saw this picture, it made me smile. Cats hold hands/paws too guys. :)

And apparently cats are hoarders...hahaha. Can't wait to clean out my couch. Who knows what my cat hides under there.

These accessories are just too cute. I am a fan of all things cat when it comes to decor, clothes, accessories...basically everything. If it has some sort of cat design or something, I am in love.

-Did you guys know that Kate Spade has a whole line out now dedicated to cat and mice? I love love  love this Kate Spade Cat iphone Case.

-I am completely crushing on these Cat Eye Sunnies.

-What better to drink coffee out of than a Cat Mug.

-This comfy cat nightdress is too cute to pass up.

Have a great weekend everyone! *muah*
(Also, please leave feedback if you like this idea or would like to see more of something else. I want to make my readers happy. It means a lot.)


Sunset Style

 *This is the face I make when my camera man (aka husband) gives me sass. haha

Skirts and dresses are my go to during the summer, especially since it has been so hot lately. Dresses are more comfy than my pjs. They are light and airy and also add a bit of put togetherness. haha Often when I am wearing a dress it is because I was too lazy to put together an outfit. :) 

This skirt is from a closet shop - Harlee's Closet. I'm not sure how many of you are aware that there are so many ways to thrift online without having to rummage through racks and racks and racks at a thrift store. Sometimes it is fun to go to Goodwill and go treasure hunting, but I don't always find what I want and need. That is where Instagram comes in. I found Harlee's Closet on Instagram when my friend started selling her clothes on there, and BAM I was introduced to a whole new world of shopping. Who new that you could by and sell clothes on Instagram?!? So many of my finds are from people's closet shops or Instagram shops it is insane. I hardly buy from anywhere else now a days. There are shops that specialize in Free People/Anthro/Urban Outfitters/J. Crew brands (and much more), and they are being sold at a fraction of the price. Some are gently used and some are new with tags or without tags. I started my own shop on Insta because I wanted to clean out my closet and also share some of my awesome thrift store finds too. If you are wondering how to find these shops, you can search with hashtags. For example #freepeopleforsale or #anthropologieforsale will bring you to many different clothing and accessories items that people have posted for sale with those brands.  You should check out my shop too (@eliseyrichard_closet). 

There are so many fun closet shops that I adore on here, and have come to love the shopping community as a seller and buyer. :) Please ask any questions, I love to help out and assist in any way possible, especially when it comes to saving money. Sometimes being new to shopping on Instagram can make the whole experience a little over whelming. Many shops have locations for reviews and policies to help you out a bit. 

Make today fabulous! Love you all!


Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Tank top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Harlee's Closet



Also, this happened over the weekend. There is nothing better than an impulse tattoo with your friends. haha. This is a tattoo that I have been wanting for awhile. I just never got around to getting it done...until this past Sunday when we were in Georgetown and I saw a tattoo place and I looked to my friends and said "We should get tattoos" when we passed a very touristy tattoo shop. And of course, my crazy friends agreed. :) When we walked in the first thing I wanted was the price because I am not an idiot and will not be overcharged for a small tattoo, and sure enough they quoted us double than what we were able to find back in Baltimore. After calling place after place to see if they had time for walk-ins because like I said this was on impulse and since we already made up our minds nothing was going to stop us from getting a tattoo THAT DAY. We were finally able to track down Read Street Tattoo and we just barely made it in for the last appointment of the day at 5:30pm. And there you have it, the story of this tattoo.

I love it so much, and am sad that I really can't see it in a mirror or anything. haha I will officially be a cat lady for the rest of my life, and I fully embrace the responsibility.


Weekend Wrap Up

*the heavenly donuts from The Tabard Inn*

 *I also got the eggs benedict from The Tabard Inn and it was delicious*

 *GBD donuts. From top left left: chocolate pudding, funfetti, maple bourbon bacon, and German chocolate (my favorite was the maple bourbon bacon)*

A couple of my best friends and I went to DC for the weekend. We ate so much good food and had a blast. There are no outfit pictures because it was too darn hot and we were drench in sweat the whole time so we dressed for comfort ( in dresses mostly), but we were still super sweaty. A sticky weekend, but so much fun. I love DC's architecture too. There are so many beautiful old buildings with lots of history. We did a ghost tour on Saturday night, which was quite cheesy but very interesting too. It was more of a history lesson than anything else. :) If anyone is in DuPont Circle and is looking for some brunch spots I recommend The Tabard Inn Restaurant for a nice and a more fancy type of brunch experience without paying an arm and a leg. The Inn is so cute and charming. Also you have to try their donuts, probably the best I have ever had. They were served fresh and were still warm. Yummmmmm. Also GBD Fried Chicken and Fresh Donuts was amazing as well. Their donuts were fun to try, but the best part were their biscuits. Oh. My. Gosh. The best biscuits I have ever tried. Okay, I am hungry...I need to stop. haha Brunch is my favorite meal, in case you can't tell.

We skipped the hotel experience and tried AirBnB for the first time, and had an awesome experience. My two friends and I were able to stay in a cute studio apartment for a lot cheaper than any hotel in DuPont. If you have not tried AirBnB yet, I totally recommend it. :) Here is a link to get you $25 off your first trip.

Make the most of your day, and have a great one!



Since I dress business casual most of the week at work, I usually dress down for the weekend unless there is a special occasion. Jeans and a t-shirt are just so comfy and easy. Don't think that just because you are wearing jeans and a shirt that you don't look nice. Add some nice sandals, a cute braid, or some accessories to instantly upgrade your outfit. And adding these things takes about 5 minutes, so it isn't hard. I know in our minds we are usually so busy, but adding a couple of extra details can make the difference in how you feel and see your self for the rest of the day (I am preaching to myself here). When I know I look good. I feel good too.

I added a little side braid for a different look. This was so easy, and it changed up my look just enough. I did a regular braid (I have not perfected the french braid yet. haha). You don't have to braid that much just a couple of inches, then I pulled it under my hair about ear level and secured it with a couple of bobby pins. Easy as pie.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Top is from Urban Outfitters
Jeans are from American Eagle
Sandals are Birkenstocks
Sunnies are Illesteva
(All have either been thrifted from instagram (I will post about this later) or found on sale)


White, Black, and Red

**SALE ALERT** This adorable tunic is on sale at Urban Outfitters right now, click here . Got to love a good sale, and this mick-neck also comes in black!

My outfit today was seventies inspired and black is just one of my go to colors. It goes with everything and is very flattering for all body types. The pop of red lip adds a fun factor. NYX butter gloss is amazing by the way. They have so many beautiful colors, they are long lasting, and hardly smudge. Great for kissing. ;)

This was one of those outfits that made me feel good and super sassy, which is one of the main reasons why I like fashion. You can convey a feeling and emotion just with your clothes. Also, it can add confidence and just and over all happiness if you feel good in what you are wearing. No matter what you wear and no matter what other people say. As long as you feel good in your clothes/skin you rock your skinny/flare/boot-cut jeans/leggings/shorts/skirts black/red/white/blue/pink/purple top/t-shirt/blouse/tunic or whatever it is you feel like putting on today. Your own unique style is what makes you, you. SO ROCK IT!

Until next time. *muah*



Here we go. First post! I was not sure of a name until Caturday [cat + Saturday] came into my mind. I love my cat and she will probably be mentioned and photographed here often, but it wont just be about all things cat. haha.

This past 3-day weekend was totally amazing. Just lounging around with my husband, cat, and daughter makes the best days. This is my favorite outfit I wore, and it was especially picked out for my birthday night out. Dress was thrifted (brand is Free People Beach), hat is from Abercrombie & Fitch, and shoes are Birkenstocks.

Looking forward to chatting with you often! *muah*