Super Flares

Pants: Free People || Top: Harlee's Closet || Boots (hidden): Urban Outfitters

So flares have made a come back, and you need to buy some if you haven't already. :) They don't have to be this wide (and according to my hubby crazy), but please do yourself and favor and buy a pair. They are just so flattering! My skinny jeans are not going anywhere because I love them just as much, but it is so fun to change it up. 

Also, funny story about these pictures. We pulled over when I spotted this field as we were on our way out to dinner for date night. Nick (my husband) left the keys in the car and didn't turn it all the way off and when we went back to the car it wouldn't start because the battery died. So we were stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. lol. Luckily kind people still exist and someone stopped and jumped our car. Life is always an adventure right?

I went to Vegas last weekend, and things have been so busy that I haven't posted about it yet. Hopefully soon! Hope your days have been filled with lots of good things. *muah*


Sweater Weather

Sweater & Kimono: Free People || Jeans: Decree Denim from Goodwill || Booties: Forever 21

I am so pumped that it is finally sweater weather, and I am no longer sweating when I walk from my car to my house. haha. This weekend we had planned to go to the zoo, but it rained all day Saturday. No complaints here though because that rain brought this oh so lovely weather...even thought it probably won't last very long I am loving every minute of it. :)

One of the best things about fall is that you can wear comfy over sized sweaters, like this one. Over sized clothing for the win! And the longer the better. What fall fashion trend is your favorite? 

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Love you all! *muah*


Black and White

Top and Sweater: Urban Outfitters || Jeans: American Eagle || Shoes: Target || Backpack: thrifted :) 

I tend to lean toward more black and white (and greys of course) colors when it comes to clothing because they are so classic. So naturally I chose a wall to match my outfit. haha. A crazy scene to flow with the pattern mixing because it is fun to shake it up a little. :) Both of these murals are on the same wall, and I wish I could have gotten the whole scene in a picture, but I couldn't fit it all because this wall is HUGE. 

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend (if you were lucky enough to have Monday off)! It was super hot here...and it is still so hot. I am wanting to add more layers to my clothes, but it is hard when it is 90+ degrees outside. Come one fall where are you? Pumpkin spice lattes are here, so you should be too. Speaking of psl, did you get yours yet? I got mine this morning and gulped it down in about 5 minutes. So yummy!

Enjoy your week! Love you all! *muah*