Staycation at The Hilton Baltimore

We had the pleasure of staying at The Hilton Baltimore a few weekends ago, and we had THE best time! Sansa has talked about the stay non-stop and keeps asking to go back to "the Hilton hotel with the Orioles." It's sooooo cute. One of my favorite things about the room besides all the cute decor was the view! We had a balcony overlooking Campden Yards and could watch the Orioles games from the outside our suite.

One of my favorite things about staying at hotels is getting room service. There is just something special about eating delicious food in bed that you did not have to prepare. This bread pudding was the best thing I ordered. YALL! It was soooo good. I ordered it twice.

One of Sansa's favorite things to do was cuddle in bed together with Nikki and I. Sansa kept asking to "snuggle" and "cuddle together." She melts my heart *crying emoji*.  Sometimes it's hard to feel super comfortable in a new place, but the Hilton felt like home. Plus, the bed was sooooo comfy. It was nice to chill and hang out together. Quality time is hard to come by with our busy schedules, so it was really nice just to slow down for a weekend. I never like being busy, nor do I even like saying the word, and the Hilton weekend really forced us to slow down. It reminded me why it is important to stop and take in all the special little moments. 

During the day on Saturday we went to the Port Discovery Children's Museum. Sansa had too much fun running around, so I wasn't able to snap any cute photos, but there are quite a few funny videos saved in my Instagram highlights. She loved seeing the different animals and petting them at one of the exhibits. She also loved the Royal Farms store. She kept running around and picking out groceries, using the ATM (lol!), and driving the car at the gas station. Playing at the pretend grocery store was also my favorite thing to do at the children's museum in my home town. Sansa was having so much fun she didn't want to leave the museum at the end of the day, but she is super excited to go back to the "zeum." haha.

On Saturday night we got to see the Orioles play. The Hilton hooked us up with awesome seats behind home plate. It was such a special night. We walked right from the hotel since it was so close, which was really convenient, especially with a kiddo who doesn't ever want to walk too far. Sansa became best friends with everyone around us at the game because she's honestly so charming and loves to chant and dance for the O's. The most special part of the night was when one of our neighbors ran and caught a ball JUST to give it to Sansa. It was sooo sweet and special. Sansa of course didn't care much at the beginning and threw the ball back. haha. We were able to find it again and kept it safe. :)

I wanted to bring this green chair home!! I had to take a pic in it! Haha. I felt so luxurious in the Hilton robe too. :) The only thing we did not have time to check out during the weekend was the indoor pool at the hotel. Sansa loves swimming, but she recently had a port placed (central line) for her immunotherapy treatments so we weren't able to go. BUT it was a really nice and cool pool that I wish we could have used.

The last event of the weekend was Medieval Times. I took more videos than pictures there because it was dark most of the time during the show, so this was the best photo that I got. We had soooo much fun! Sansa loved seeing the horses and yelling/dancing for her knight. It was the perfect amount of entertainment for our family. We ate tons of good food. I was honestly surprised by how tasty everything was. You know I love food, and theirs impressed me. It was a really cool and different experience. I totally recommend it, and I would definitely go again!

If you want to see some fun videos from our staycation they are all saved in my story highlights on my Instagram (@caturdaystyle).

Thanks again to Hilton Baltimore for such an amazing weekend packed full of special memories that we will never forget!


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