April Favorites

I took these pictures with Gordon (@lordgeezuz) at The Sound Garden, and I thought I would share a few for this post. I'm sporting my Bieber bomber jacket, and Bieber was featured in a new song that just came out. It's on my favorites list for this month of course. Also, I just really wanted to share these because I loved this location and the outfit, so here they are. :)

I have been wanting to do a recap of my favorites every month, so I thought it would be fun to share what I've been really loving during the month of April. These may seem pretty random, but I hope you enjoy them!


5 Ways to Combat Burnout

I don't know about you, but I have been feeling really burned out lately. I took this weekend off and did not make commitments to do A N Y T H I N G. I can't remember the last time I had a free weekend, because I always have a fear of missing out on fun things. I’m also an extrovert (most of the time, anyway) and I just really love hanging out with people and making connections. This weekend was nice though. I didn't have to get dressed up. I could wear PJs all day and just hang with my fam. It was great, but I am still not exactly feeling recharged starting out my week. Even though I didn't really have any places to be, I still had my everyday commitments to my family, which I absolutely love, but can also be just as exhausting in its own right. Raising a toddler is tiring sometimes. ;)


Bubble Gum

I had way too much fun with the amazing Jess Mason during this photo shoot. If you think blowing a decent sized bubble for photos is easy, like I did, you are wrong! haha.  It took probably at least 5-10 minutes to get this shot in the picture above. It was a struggle. This whole photo shoot is inspired by this bubble gum cat pin (you can spy it in a few photos below). I got it from BubbleGum Pink, and it's purrrrfect. :) Are guys super into pins too? I'm still loving this trend, and enjoy putting new fun pins on my denim jacket that let me show my personality more. 


Fave Backpack + Thankful Ramblings

So I planned on doing this appreciation/being thankful type post yesterday, but of course that morning I got a flat tire, so I really did't feel like being thankful at all that day (which is why this post is finally getting done today. haha). I was rushing around trying to get to work and was already behind so when I saw that the car had a flat tire I was just D O N E with Monday before I was really able to start my day. My Monday sucked, for other reasons on top of this one, but I still had all those things that I am really thankful for existing in my life. On hard days and the best days, I have positive things going on. It just depends on what I focus on that makes me see the good or bad. Even though yesterday sucked and tomorrow may too, who knows, I still had a really great weekend, (and month for the most part) and I let my Monday blues take that away from me.


Capsule Wardrobe: Finding My Style Challenge

While cleaning out my closet and picking pieces for my spring capsule wardrobe (what is a capsule wardrobe? see my post here), I started to struggle with narrowing down my closet and choosing a "style." I have lots of different pieces in my closet that are so different from each other. Is my wardrobe bohemian, urban, monochromatic, classic, chic, glam, romantic, retro, etc.? I don't know guys. haha.


Capsule Wardrobe Part 1

I have been suuuuuuper slow with this capsule wardrobe process. Mostly because we had been living in the hospital for forever  (we just got home this weekend though! and hopefully will be able to stay home for a while), so I haven't been able to sort through my closet like I want to. I did do the first step though, thanks to one of my blogger friends, Liv at Simply Liv & Co. She has an awesome course on minimalism and sent me the closet guide to help me with creating a capsule wardrobe. She is also one of my inspirations for wanting to do a capsule wardrobe. She is awesome, so you should definitely go check out her blog. :) The first step to any capsule wardrobe is to detox your closet. I got rid of A LOT of clothes that I know that I wont wear very often because they just aren't practical, that I haven't worn in a year(s), and clothes that don't fit anymore. I also threw away some super worn down clothes that I have had since high school. It was hard to let some items go, but I knew that I just wouldn't wear them very often or they didn't fit my everyday style.


Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

With it still being the beginning of 2017, I am starting to focus on what my goals will be for this year and for my blog. One word that I keep coming back to is simplify. With all the craziness (see my last blog post. haha) going on in my life, I feel like simple is what I need right now. One of the first steps I am making to simplifying my life is to make a capsule wardrobe. I have done a little research about it, but what really was the deciding factor is that lots of my blogger friends rave about their capsule wardrobes. So, I am going to give it a try this year and see how it goes. :)