Hi! My name is Elise Richard, and I live in Baltimore, MD. I'm obsessed with donuts, cats, clothes, and I can't forget Justin Bieber (Yes, I love Bieber and I am proud of it. haha). Most days you will either find me on my couch watching Netflix with my cat and kiddo cuddled up beside me stuffing my face with food (usually donuts because I can't live without them) or my kiddo and I dancing our butts off to some JB of course. My page might get spammed every once in a while by my cute nine-year-old daughter because my days are often filled with them. :)  I like to thrift and I looooove vintage clothes, so a lot of my closet and accessories are thrifted or found on sale racks because a cheaper price always makes my heart sing. My style is on a budget and I want to show you how your style can be too.

I hope after you view my blog you are proud of what you wear and your personal style, and are inspired to just be you. Because YOU ROCK! Don't ever forget that.


I'm always on Instagram and Twitter @caturdaystyle come connect with me!

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