Bubble Gum

I had way too much fun with the amazing Jess Mason during this photo shoot. If you think blowing a decent sized bubble for photos is easy, like I did, you are wrong! haha.  It took probably at least 5-10 minutes to get this shot in the picture above. It was a struggle. This whole photo shoot is inspired by this bubble gum cat pin (you can spy it in a few photos below). I got it from BubbleGum Pink, and it's purrrrfect. :) Are guys super into pins too? I'm still loving this trend, and enjoy putting new fun pins on my denim jacket that let me show my personality more. 


Fave Backpack + Thankful Ramblings

So I planned on doing this appreciation/being thankful type post yesterday, but of course that morning I got a flat tire, so I really did't feel like being thankful at all that day (which is why this post is finally getting done today. haha). I was rushing around trying to get to work and was already behind so when I saw that the car had a flat tire I was just D O N E with Monday before I was really able to start my day. My Monday sucked, for other reasons on top of this one, but I still had all those things that I am really thankful for existing in my life. On hard days and the best days, I have positive things going on. It just depends on what I focus on that makes me see the good or bad. Even though yesterday sucked and tomorrow may too, who knows, I still had a really great weekend, (and month for the most part) and I let my Monday blues take that away from me.