Favorite Sweaters for Fall

I have been all about fall lately, so I wanted to share this super cozy sweater that I love and few other awesome fall sweaters that look so so cozy and cute because y'all asked for it! When I wear this one from Brightside Boutique (you can get it online here) Sansa always says "I love your sweater momma." and then she pets it because its sooo soft and she rubs her face on it too. haha. She melts my heart!

It is still too hot to wear sweaters and cardigans most days except in the mornings here in Baltimore, but I have been doing it anyway. I miss layering outfits. It makes styling more fun for me. I have shared some favorite cute and cozy sweaters that I am obsessed with for fall. You can click through to see all of them below. What other fall favorites do you all want to see?

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  1. Wow, This is one of the best sweaters ever but i am trying to find a sweater with embroidery touch. Let me know where i can find it. Thanks.