Tunic: Forever 21 || Pants: American Eagle || Boots: Just Fab

This mural you guys!! When I first spotted it I fell in love. These wings are apart of the Colette Miller Global Angel Wings Project. This project was created to remind us that we can be "Angels" on this Earth. There are other wings located all across the globe. They might even be in your area. :) This is such a beautiful statement of peace. You never know what the person next to you is going is through, so take a moment and be kind to your neighbors, coworkers, family, and people you pass by on the street. 

I hope you are having a great holiday and that you are able to spend this time with the ones you love. I am currently in Louisiana soaking up family time with my in-laws and parents, so this Christmas was spent in 80 degree humid weather. YUCK. I took this week off of work (yay!). We drove the 20ish hours straight through from Baltimore. Many fun times with a toddler. Can you hear the sarcasm? ;)

What was your favorite gift(s) you got this year? My dreams are coming true and I got tickets to see Justin Bieber. Yes, I am a belieber and a total cheese ball. I basically cried when I opened the present from my hubby. haha. Wishing you a very happy New Year babes!

Photos courtesy of Cast 83 Photography. You should hit them up if you are ever in the Baltimore/Washington area. http://www.cast83.com/


A Holiday Look

Jacket: Savers Thrift || Top: Madewell || Skirt: Hollister || Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I am usually not one to wear super sparkly things just because it is the holidays (sequins can be my enemy some days), so this is about as holiday as I get. The fringes are festive, right?!? I wore (almost) this outfit to my work holiday party this weekend. So. Much. Fun. :) 

Can we just take a second to talk about fringe. I am pretty sure my cat loves fringe just as much as I do because she attacks me anytime she sees that I am wearing some. So I have to hide purses, shoes, etc. from her or else she will destroy them. Right now fringe is on par with cat stuff. Like if you get me something with fringe I will love it no matter what it is, which is the same thing I say about cat things. When asked what I wanted for Christmas I just said basically you can get me anything with cats on it and I will love it. haha. I am not sure how long I will love fringe because it is showing up everywhere, but man do I really love it right now. Who's with me?

Also, I can't believe Christmas is this week...like it is in three days. Holy crap! I do not feel ready. Maybe it is this warm weather that is still throwing me off. Hope you all enjoy your holidays and time with family and friends! *muah*


Bells and Lace

Top: Altar'd State || Jeans: Free People || Booties\Bralette: Urban Outfitters || Rings: Forever 21

Basically anything with bells (bell bottoms, bell sleeves) have been my current weakness. If I can bring back the 70s I will. :) If you still have not bought a pair of flares you are missing out in life. They are so much fun to dress up or down and just lounge around in. I do love dresses/skirts a lot, but jeans are my jam and what better way to add a little bit of flavor to your denim than with flares?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. My friends and I were able to take a day trip to NYC yesterday, and we had a blast! I was so happy to finally see all the Christmas decor. Talk about holiday magic. This time of the year is my favorite EVER, and being able to finally see the Rockefeller Center Tree made my entire holiday season, and lets be honest, my life complete. 

Love you guys! xoxo

PS - Is this warm weather starting to freak anyone else out?!? 

Photos courtesy of Cast 83 Photography. You should hit them up if you are ever in the Baltimore/Washington area. http://www.cast83.com/



 Dress: J. Crew || Boots: Just Fab

Sometimes all you need is a dress and a pair of boots to make you feel fabulously fall. I loooovvvvee plaid. Especially for fall/winter because it feels festive. Maybe that is just me? :) Plus, flannels are super comfy...another win! I have been so pumped that this fall weather has been pretty mild, and thus I've been able to not leave the house freezing in a dress...at least not yet anyway. Since my legs are super long (yeah yeah...most of you don't think this is a problem), these OTK boots barely cover my knees. *le sigh* I am on the hunt for another pair. What are your favorite brands?

Side note, I can't believe that Christmas is almost here and that we are wrapping up 2015. It just flew by!! Hope you have been enjoying this holiday season. Have a lovely rest of your week!



Sweater: thrifted from Instagram (@youneedmystuff ) || Flannel: Urban Outfitters (men's section) || Jeans: American Eagle || Boots: Target 

It is official. I just can't say no to anything with cats on it..which is why my timeline on Facebook has me tagged in all things cat...and Justin Bieber because my love for Bieber is also very real. My friends know me too well. :) So when I spotted this sweater with the cutest cat face, I couldn't resist.

This was my Thanksgiving outfit. For some reason Thanksgiving isn't really a holiday we dress up for, so the usual jeans and a sweater it was. I did regret wearing these jeans though. I had to unbutton them after eating about two huge plates full of amaingness. *hiding in shame* Next year it will be stretchy pants for sure. I should have listened to Joey from Friends, and worn my Thanksgiving pants. haha.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday?  


Fall Feelings

 Jacket: eShakti || Dress: Anthropologie || Belt/Sweater: Target || Shoes: Forever 21 

On Saturday, the weather started to cool back off again and all the fall feelings came back. I was able to finally wear this amazing jacket from eShakti, and man am I in love. I am currently swooning over anything denim/chambray because denim on denim gives me all the happy feels. eShakti is a super cool company because you are able to add your measurements (at minimum your height), so that every clothing item is tailored to fit you, which is aahhhmazing. This is the first jacket since I can remember time that has long enough sleeves for my super lanky arms. *doing a happy dance* So if you are short or tall or somewhere in between go check them out because everyone deserves something that was made just for them. If you use the coupon code "caturdaystyle" you will get 10% OFF when you shop at eShakti – valid until 12/06/2015. 

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Hope your weekend was awesome! *muah*