Weekend Wrap Up

*the heavenly donuts from The Tabard Inn*

 *I also got the eggs benedict from The Tabard Inn and it was delicious*

 *GBD donuts. From top left left: chocolate pudding, funfetti, maple bourbon bacon, and German chocolate (my favorite was the maple bourbon bacon)*

A couple of my best friends and I went to DC for the weekend. We ate so much good food and had a blast. There are no outfit pictures because it was too darn hot and we were drench in sweat the whole time so we dressed for comfort ( in dresses mostly), but we were still super sweaty. A sticky weekend, but so much fun. I love DC's architecture too. There are so many beautiful old buildings with lots of history. We did a ghost tour on Saturday night, which was quite cheesy but very interesting too. It was more of a history lesson than anything else. :) If anyone is in DuPont Circle and is looking for some brunch spots I recommend The Tabard Inn Restaurant for a nice and a more fancy type of brunch experience without paying an arm and a leg. The Inn is so cute and charming. Also you have to try their donuts, probably the best I have ever had. They were served fresh and were still warm. Yummmmmm. Also GBD Fried Chicken and Fresh Donuts was amazing as well. Their donuts were fun to try, but the best part were their biscuits. Oh. My. Gosh. The best biscuits I have ever tried. Okay, I am hungry...I need to stop. haha Brunch is my favorite meal, in case you can't tell.

We skipped the hotel experience and tried AirBnB for the first time, and had an awesome experience. My two friends and I were able to stay in a cute studio apartment for a lot cheaper than any hotel in DuPont. If you have not tried AirBnB yet, I totally recommend it. :) Here is a link to get you $25 off your first trip.

Make the most of your day, and have a great one!