Feeling Plaid

Jacket: PacSun || Skinny scarf: Forever 21 || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Bomber jackets are so perfect for spring, and this plaid one might be my new favorite. This one is currently unavailable at PacSun, so I linked up another one that I liked below. I keep adding more and more flares to my closet, and I love these flares because they are oh so flattering. Plus they are currently on sale at Urban Outfitters, so if you have been looking for a pair of black flares these might just be the ones you've been searching for. :) Skinny scarves/bandannas have been on trend for awhile, and this spring is no exception. They are sooo versatile and can add that extra something to any outfit.

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter and got to enjoy a 3 day weekend. We just took it easy and got chocolate wasted. Easter candy is one of my faves, and I have a major sweet tooth. It's a disastrous combo. haha. Have a great week everyone! xo

Photos courtesy of Cast 83 Photography. If you have a moment you should definitely check them out at www.cast83.com 


A Promise

Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Top: J.Crew || Shoes: Thrifted from IG

Today is the big day! This kiddo is having her no more chemo celebration at her doctor's office (I know I haven't share any part of that story yet because it all mostly happened before the blog, but maybe one day). We are super pumped! Motherhood has taught me so much, and I am still learning a ton...every darn day. haha. I am doing my best and in doing that I am trying to be more intentional with my time and goals. Social media can be super distracting, so I am making a mother's promise to my daughter as a sort of goal and everyday mindset that I want to strive toward.

I promise to always love you no matter what, and to love you deeply. I promise to be the shoulder you need to cry on, or just to be there when you need me (which will be forever...duh). I promise to put you and your father first because family always comes first no matter what. I promise to encourage you when things get hard, and to communicate to you that I believe in you.

 In order to help me keep this promise visible and as tangible as possible, Sansa (my daughter) and I did a craft together. She painted the letter's L-O-V-E and they have been put in her room above her bed, so every morning when I go to wake her up and when I tuck her in at night, I will be reminded of the promises I have made to her. 

Pamper's Premium diapers is one simple way I can show my little that I love her. I only want to give her the best, and Pamper's Premium Care provides the best skin care for her. They are a high quality diaper that are breathable and have a wetness indicator. Sansa loves the Sesame Street character's on them, and she actually gets excited for diaper changes. :) You can find them at Walmart and Walmart.com here.

What is your #motherspromise? And how do you keep it in front of you as a reminder?

*Thanks to Walmart and Pampers for sponsoring this post


Stepping Into Spring

Shoes: Skechers || Tunic: H&M || Sunnies & Jacket: Forever 21

Spring is coming!! My pale legs are finally seeing the light of day. haha. With all the warm weather we will be having this week I am so pumped to be wearing these new Skechers from the Original sneaker collection. Currently loving these sporty jogger sneaks. They are the best for helping me keep up with my three (soon to be four-year-old...eeeeeek!) kiddo too. Layers are a necessity for spring because these morning and late nights can get quite chilly. A denim jacket is a staple piece, and goes with almost anything. You really can't go wrong with denim anything and everything right now.

This weekend I got to enjoy some family time. Lazy weekends catching up on TV shows are the best. Hope you have a wonderful week friends!

P.S. - what do you think about my straight hair? Yay or nay? I went to the hair salon this weekend and they blew it out straight. I haven't had my hair straighten in ages. It feels weird. haha



Jacket: Brightside Boutique || Jeans: Free People || Choker: Charlotte Russe || Boots: JustFab

This is my new favorite spring jacket because spring is right around the corner. Can you believe it?!? Eeeeeeee! We have had some glances of spring already, so I just can't wait for this winter weather to officially be over. This jacket is so comfy and cute, and is the perfect spring transition piece. Plus it is grey...and you all know how much I am adore the color grey. This BB Dakota jacket is currently on sale here over at Brightside Boutique.

In case you have not noticed I kind of love exploring Baltimore to find cool wall/murals/street art. This location has to be one of my favorites so far. I just love the uniqueness of Baltimore. Hope you are enjoying the explorations as much as me. :) Love you all!