A Promise

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Today is the big day! This kiddo is having her no more chemo celebration at her doctor's office (I know I haven't share any part of that story yet because it all mostly happened before the blog, but maybe one day). We are super pumped! Motherhood has taught me so much, and I am still learning a ton...every darn day. haha. I am doing my best and in doing that I am trying to be more intentional with my time and goals. Social media can be super distracting, so I am making a mother's promise to my daughter as a sort of goal and everyday mindset that I want to strive toward.

I promise to always love you no matter what, and to love you deeply. I promise to be the shoulder you need to cry on, or just to be there when you need me (which will be forever...duh). I promise to put you and your father first because family always comes first no matter what. I promise to encourage you when things get hard, and to communicate to you that I believe in you.

 In order to help me keep this promise visible and as tangible as possible, Sansa (my daughter) and I did a craft together. She painted the letter's L-O-V-E and they have been put in her room above her bed, so every morning when I go to wake her up and when I tuck her in at night, I will be reminded of the promises I have made to her. 

Pamper's Premium diapers is one simple way I can show my little that I love her. I only want to give her the best, and Pamper's Premium Care provides the best skin care for her. They are a high quality diaper that are breathable and have a wetness indicator. Sansa loves the Sesame Street character's on them, and she actually gets excited for diaper changes. :) You can find them at Walmart and Walmart.com here.

What is your #motherspromise? And how do you keep it in front of you as a reminder?

*Thanks to Walmart and Pampers for sponsoring this post

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