Cat Purse

When I saw this adorable cat purse and realized that it came in pink, I knew it was meant to be. I styled my whole outfit around this adorable bag. My birthday is coming up next week, and I might just wear this outfit again for my birthday because I love it that much. haha. I recently bought these shoes as my birthday shoes. I like to dress up a little for my birthday, and wear something that I love either new or old (but honestly probably something new *insert sassy emoji here*). When I look good, I feel good, so I always try to do it up extra for my birthday. I had been wanting a pair of sparkly/metallic boots and when I walked by Forever 21 last weekend I saw these cuties on display. I was lucky enough to get them in my size. I wear a size 10, so finding shoes at any store in my size is a victory. I definitely did a happy dance right in the middle of the store.

Purse: Cat Wear Inc. || Boots: Forever 21 || Skirt: ASOS || Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters

This cat purse is from an awesome online company, Cat Wear Inc., which is actually local to  Baltimore. I love how they are truly passionate about cats and their well being. Lara, the owner, has rescued and rehabilitated over 10 cats that were abandoned, most were declawed leaving them defenseless or injured. The store provides high quality cat themed products (that range from apparel to home decor to products for your cat), while also advocating for the banning of the cruel declawing procedure. Cat Wear Inc. will be donating a percentage of their profits to “The Paw Project”, an N.G.O. religiously committed to the declawing campaign. An added bonus is that they have free worldwide shipping too!

My birthday falls on the 4th of July weekend, and our friends were nice enough to invite us to the beach for a short trip. I was wanting to go to the beach for my birthday weekend so it worked out perfectly! This will be Sansa's first beach experience where she will actually be able to get in the water, so I am interested to see how she will like it. She loves the beach, but we have only gone in the spring when the water is too cold to swim in. We are excited for a little mini vacation!! Do you guys have any fun plans for the fourth?


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