LA Travel Diary Part 2

The second part of our trip to LA we stayed in Korea Town at The Line Hotel. We got a good deal from Expedia when booking our stay, which was the main reason why we stayed here (also because it was recommended and did have good reviews).  I really liked everything about the hotel and the location. I can't recommend it enough. Plus it was pretty affordable for LA. There was so much good food around and in the hotel too. The Line Hotel has a great restaurant ( The Commissary - pictured below), pool, and cafe. The pool was packed on Saturday, so if you want to get a good spot I definitely recommend heading down early on the weekend (around 9 or 10 AM), and I also recommend making a reservation for brunch or dinner at the restaurant as well.

One of Nikki and I's favorite spots we visited, was The Abbey, which is a world famous gay bar and restaurant located in West Hollywood. We arrived in West Hollywood a little earlier than planned, so we decided to walk to the famous pink wall that was "only" a mile away. I did not do a good job of judging distance this whole trip. There was a little wait (maybe 10 minutes, which was not as bad as I was expecting. I heard that someone waited over an hour to take their photo at the wall) and a security guard to make sure no one got out of line, but it was all worth it. :) The pink wall at Paul Smith Limited is now rainbow colors for Pride, which means I'll just have to go back and take photos again another time. Okay, now back to the Abbey, the food was AHHHMAZING! Again, I regrettably forgot to take food pics because apparently I was too hungry to remember that. Nikki ordered the waffled chicken, which was chicken fried in waffle batter. SO GOOD. I got the almond bananas french toast which was not as good, but still delish. We hung around the Abbey for awhile and talked to some of the workers while we waited for the night club to pick up and it definitely got packed. It was such a fun and memorable place. 

On our last day, we went to the Arts District and Little Tokyo. These were probably my favorite spots of LA. I almost passed out at Little Tokyo from all the walking and lack of food (walking too much again. haha). I got some ice cream and snacks from a few of the cute stores and shops in Little Tokyo. It was super cute little spot and worth the walk. :)
I scored these fun retro sunglasses from the cutest vintage shop called, Bohemian Kitten Vintage (the best name!!!!), that happened to be at the Arts District when we were exploring. I wanted to buy like 10 other things, as always, but I stopped myself. haha

Downtown had lots of this really cool graffiti on the ground e v e r y w h e r e.  
All of these murals are located in the Arts District. There were soooo many all over the place! Between Nikki and I, we took photos at almost all of them. The Arts District had great food and shops too. This was my second fave shopping destination (first were the thrift stores in Santa Monica). We ate at Fritzi (thanks for all the recommendations Rosemary!), which had amazing chicken and fries! Well amazing everything to be honest. Reminiscing about all this food is making me hungry.

These are my fave pieces from the different outfits I wore:
Swim suit - Boohoo . I looked everywhere to find swimsuits for this trip. It was hard to find something I liked. When I saw the pretty stripes and that this was off the shoulder, I bought it immediately. haha.

Dress/Nikki's sweater- These were thrifted from Wasteland when we were in Santa Monica. The brand for both is Wildfox. This pink dress y'all!! It is my FAVE, and I was so happy to find it.

Vest/Boots- These were also thrifted, just from a different store, Crossroads, in Santa Monica as well.

Hope you all are having a great week so far and are staying cool. xoxo!

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