LA Travel Diary Part 1

I was going to do one long blog post for the travel diary, but then I decided to break them up because man, I have too many photos and stories that it would be the longest post ever. haha. We stayed in Santa Monica at Casa Del Mar for the first 3 nights because of work. Santa Monica has the cutest beach with a nice boardwalk and had great shops and food. We had a blast! This was our first trip to LA and our second trip to California (we stayed in San Diego for our honeymoon). LA was a lot colder than I thought it would be and can go from hot to cold in 5 minutes. I can be extra temperature sensitive so I'm probably exaggerating but layers were key for me. When the sun finally came out, I took advantage of the beach and was able to soak up a bit of sun. I was definitely not brave enough to get into the water, but my feet did when we took those pictures. Got quite a few outtakes because of the freezing cold water. My face was priceless. haha.

^^Casa Del Mar view from the beach
^^Selfie from the Ferris wheel before I had my freak out. :)

This was our view from the Ferris wheel on the board walk. I learned that I am scared of heights and should never get on a Ferris wheel again. haha. Seriously, Nikki took a video of me while I was freaking out and crying while also laughing at the same time (its hilarious and equally embarrassing). Ferris wheels go too high, and I was terrified. It had a great view though and even though my hands were shaking I still snapped these photos. :)

LA has lots of great thrift stores and I was so jealous! I met up with Katy, who is a blogger and designer (blog: Stately Velvet and shop: Velvet California), who I met on Instagram. She was so sweet enough to drive down and meet us in Santa Monica. Katy took us to some of her fave thrift stores (Crossroads and Wasteland), and we found tons of amazing stuff. The thrift stores were huge! Seriously, they had so many great brands and good prices that I bought lots of stuff and restrained myself from getting anymore. haha. Thank you so much Katy for a great time!

The last day in Santa Monica, we ventured to Venice Beach because it was about a mile away. We walked almost everywhere when we stayed in Santa Monica because I thought things would be closer together than they actually were. Even though a mile isn't too bad, I was sweating by the time we made it, and we had been catcalled at least 10 times in 15 minutes. It was pretty uncomfortable (guess we looked like total tourists? IDK), and I just wanted to find some decent food. haha. Venice Beach had some great wall art and some cool spots for pictures. I will have to say that I was not very impressed though, so we only stayed long enough to take a few wall photos and eat some lunch. I can't remember the name of the place we ate at, but they had the best fry sauces I have ever had in my life! Mhmmm. Mhmmm. Good! I can't believe I did not take a single food picture this entire trip. OOPS.

Have any of you been to California? Where are you favorite spots to go?

Stay tuned for part 2 that will include more of our downtown LA adventures! xoxo!

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