Lost City Diner + May Favorites

This photo shoot with Danny (Seven Hare Productions) was so much fun. Lost City Diner was super great and let us shoot wherever. I ordered a milkshake because how can you not. haha. I had all the nostalgic and summer feels. I was kind of nervous at first because there were definitely people eating at the diner while we were taking these photos, but after I started sipping on the milkshake I felt fine. :) I love this location because of the retro aspects. I think it is really cool to look back to the past and get fashion inspiration. I looooove retro/vintage style.

Top/shoes: Urban Outfitters || Shorts: Charlotte Russe || Socks: Sock Dreams - use code
"CaturdaySocks" to get 20% off || Lollipop choker: The Eclectic Kite on Etsy

A lot has happened this month and all of it includes good things (yay!). We FINALLY moved into our new house and also had a mini vacation to Los Angeles (which I plan on posting about as soon as I have time between unpacking all these dang boxes). I said I would try and continue the monthly favorite trend, soooo here are my May favorites:

TV show - Sense 8 on Netflix. You guys....the second season of this show is so so good. We watched most of the episodes during our Cali trip, and I just wanted to keep watching them all at the hotel instead of exploring. haha. The first season is slow yet interesting and if you can make it through that, the second season is so great!

Podcast - How to Be a Girl. This podcast is about a single mom and her 6-year-old transgender daughter navigating life together. It is real, raw, sad, funny, and I love it all so much.

Food - Birroteca (locally in Baltimore). I ate here for the first time this month and got the duck duck goose pizza. It has duck confit, fig onion jam, and a duck egg on top. Pure AMAZINGNESS.

Song - "I'm the One." Yes, yes, another Bieber feature because Sansa and I can't stop dancing to this catchy song. *insert dancing emoji* 

Make-Up - Lancome Matte Shakers. This liquid lipstick stays all day and doesn't dry my lips out. I am obsessed! Plus the colors are so fun. I don't usually wear lipstick or lip-gloss often, but I love these because they stay on when I eat/drink stuff.

My favorites list was definitely shorter this month since California will have it's own travel post. :) Hope you guys are well! Sorry I have been MIA on here and on Instagram. Moving has been pretty stressful. This was our first move with our kiddo, and we definitely had so much more to move and pack/unpack. haha. AND we still don't have WiFi at the new house yet, but should be getting it tomorrow, thankfully. Hope you all are having a great week! xoxo

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