Matching Dresses

Today is Sansa's 5th birthday. I can't believe how time flies.  Just about three years ago we met this cutie in Hungary for the very first time. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Wow guys, I am already tearing up typing this as the memories come flooding back. Since being a parent I cry so much more. haha. The first time we met Sansa was at her foster family's house in Újfehértó, Hungary. She was running around outside pushing a cart (she still loves to push about anything...strollers, carts, anything on wheels basically). Her hair was just starting to grow back from her initial chemo treatments and she was just the cutest thing I had ever seen. We were sent a couple of videos before we met Sansa, but seeing my gorgeous daughter's smile in person just made me melt. 

It is funny to think back on when we first met Sansa because it feels so long ago, yet not really at the same time. Her hair is now starting to come back again from her relapse treatments this past year. You can see it in these pictures! She asks for her hair to be put into a pony tail all the time now. haha. This kiddo has gone through so much yet she radiates sunshine and constantly makes me laugh and loves being goofy. We will likely spend today eating Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A because those are her favorite places to eat, and stomping on storm/sewer drains. It is this little game we made up. Every time we walk somewhere Sansa has to stomp on all the drains. It gets really fun when the sidewalk is crowded and Sansa starts bumping/dodging people in order to step on all the drains. :)

Some of my favorite things about Sansa are:

1.) When Nikki and I sing Sansa a goodnight song she loves to push us three close into a huge hug.
2.) The way she says snow. It is the cutest thing ever. She crinkles her nose up.
3.) How excited she gets to dance when we play her favorite song of the moment (which is currently "the new Fieber song" AKA I'm The One).
4.) When she sees me laying on the couch and comes over with a blanket so we can "cuddle."
5.) How much she loves food. She is my girl and loves food just as much as me (if not more. haha).
6.) Her fearlessness.
7.) The way her eyes light up and she yells "MOMMY!" when I come home from work or anywhere really. 
8.) Her hugs...they really are the best.
9.) The way she dances. She squats really low and shakes her butt. haha. She loves music so much. We have dance parties everyday.
10.) Anytime she sees one of Nikki or I's picture she gives it a kiss.

I could go on and on, but I will stop there. :) These cute matching dresses are from Caravanserai on the Avenue. I love them so much! Sansa and I need to match more often. :) xoxo!

Photos courtesy of Gordon with LordGeezuz Photography 

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