April Favorites

I took these pictures with Gordon (@lordgeezuz) at The Sound Garden, and I thought I would share a few for this post. I'm sporting my Bieber bomber jacket, and Bieber was featured in a new song that just came out. It's on my favorites list for this month of course. Also, I just really wanted to share these because I loved this location and the outfit, so here they are. :)

I have been wanting to do a recap of my favorites every month, so I thought it would be fun to share what I've been really loving during the month of April. These may seem pretty random, but I hope you enjoy them!

Nancy - a new podcast that I heard about from RadioLab (If you haven't listened to RadioLab yet, I really really recommend it. The topics are always so interesting). Nancy features stories and honest conversations about the LGBTQ experiences today. It is funny, yet it can also brings me to tears in an episode (what can I say, I am an emotional soul).

Undisclosed - The Killing of Freddie Gray. I LOVE undisclosed. I was hooked after Serial when they really dove deep into the Adnan Syed case. I am on episode 7 of the Freddie Gray series, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I love all the addendums too. Both of these cases happened in Baltimore so I think it means that much more to me.

(I did listen to S Town, but I just wouldn't add it to my favorites of the month, but that is another story.)

TV Shows
Girls - The final season ended and I'm just emotionally attached to this show, so I had to post it here as a favorite. haha. I love a lot of the characters, and have enjoyed watching them transition throughout the seasons.

Big Little Lies - OH MY GOSH!! If you have not watched this show go home and do yourself a favor and watch it. Nikki and I binge watched this show it was just so dang good. All the actresses killed it! I have been wanting to re-watch this one cause it was just that good. :)

Death Note - This is an older anime show that I finally am watching thanks to Nikki's recommendation, and it is the craziest anime ever. It is just insane. So much happens episode to episode that I am shocked most of the time. Nikki says I "apparently" make the best faces when watching TV. :-o

Crowded Places - This is a new Banks song (as heard in Girls). I have always been a fan of Banks, and when I heard this song on Girls I just fell in love. It has been on repeat. I love the girl power essense of her songs mixed with catchy mellow electronic beats.

"Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber - Of course I love it because its Bieber, duh. :P

Uptown Funk - by Bruno Mars has been repeated at our house a lot recently, thanks to Sansa. It is an oldie, but a goodie. Sansa says it in the cutest way that makes me laugh every time she sings the song. She is beginning to sing so much more and I love it!

Favorite Upcoming Things
-We are closing on our house in tomorrow!!! AHHHH. Can't believe the day is actually insight. :)

-Nikki and I are traveling to California at the beginning of May (me mostly for work), but we will make a mini vacation out of it too. I am SO pumped about it. We will be staying in Los Angeles and Santa Monica and we have never been to either before. Plus, we will be without our little one, so we will have lots of just "us" and "me" time which will be nice.

I wish I was currently reading something to add to this list (gah!), I need to get on that.

Crop Top: Pacsun || Bomber Jacket: Forever 21 || Shorts/Boots: Charlotte Russe || Chokers: Brightside Boutique || Sunglasses: Free People

Any recommendations for podcasts/TV shows? I am always accepting them and appreciate when people recommend new podcasts or anything really. :) What have been some of your favorite things during this month? Anything I am leaving out that you would like to know about?


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