Bra Shopping

 Bra: The Bottom Drawer  || Kimono/Shorts: Free People || Hat: Target || Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

I had my first ever expert bra fitting last week, and man have I been doing bra shopping wrong. I went to The Bottom Drawer in Hampden (my little neighborhood in Baltimore), and the shop owner Julie asked me what type of bra I was looking for, which was a bralette because I love them and can never have too many. She measured me, told me my size, and then went to find some bras for me. She came back with many different options, and I left with two (a Josie Bardot bra, which is pictured, and a Natori bra). I honestly have never had a bra fit me so well in my life...seriously this has changed the game. Julie knew exactly which bras I need, and which ones would fit me best. It was the most enjoyable experience, and I really encourage you, if you have never had an expert bra fitting DO IT! I have been buying all the wrong bras all my life (most bras do not fit me that well as I am in-between a size A and B), and I never even knew it. I had basically settled with the usual name brand bras that most of my friends wear because I didn't think it could get any better. I was so wrong. I feel really enthusiastic about sharing this now because we wear bras every darn day, almost all day long, so they should fit, feel and look amazing. So get an expert bra fitting when you get a chance, you and your boobs will thank you. :)

The Bottom Drawer is having a 20% off sale starting this Wednesday on all of their merchandise, so if you are in the Baltimore area you should definitely check them out.

Hope you all had the best weekend! Xoxo!