Also, this happened over the weekend. There is nothing better than an impulse tattoo with your friends. haha. This is a tattoo that I have been wanting for awhile. I just never got around to getting it done...until this past Sunday when we were in Georgetown and I saw a tattoo place and I looked to my friends and said "We should get tattoos" when we passed a very touristy tattoo shop. And of course, my crazy friends agreed. :) When we walked in the first thing I wanted was the price because I am not an idiot and will not be overcharged for a small tattoo, and sure enough they quoted us double than what we were able to find back in Baltimore. After calling place after place to see if they had time for walk-ins because like I said this was on impulse and since we already made up our minds nothing was going to stop us from getting a tattoo THAT DAY. We were finally able to track down Read Street Tattoo and we just barely made it in for the last appointment of the day at 5:30pm. And there you have it, the story of this tattoo.

I love it so much, and am sad that I really can't see it in a mirror or anything. haha I will officially be a cat lady for the rest of my life, and I fully embrace the responsibility.


  1. Such a cute tattoo

  2. wow such a cool and interesting tattoo, love it ... I want a tattoo , but I'm not sure what I want
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    1. Thanks love! If you have any interests or passions, or anything meaningful that could be put into a tattoo. Those are my favorite tattoos that I have. The ones that have some kind of meaning :)

  3. Hey girl I LOVE your blog! So cute and fun!


    btw I am having a GIVEAWAY and I want you to win!

  4. LOVE this! I saw the name of your blog and as a fellow cat lady myself, I had to check it out ;) Your tattoo looks great!


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