Cat Lady Fridays

Happy cat because it is Friday! :) I am now dedicating a Friday post to all things cat. So here we go....

Aren't these cuddling cats just so adorable? When I saw this picture, it made me smile. Cats hold hands/paws too guys. :)

And apparently cats are hoarders...hahaha. Can't wait to clean out my couch. Who knows what my cat hides under there.

These accessories are just too cute. I am a fan of all things cat when it comes to decor, clothes, accessories...basically everything. If it has some sort of cat design or something, I am in love.

-Did you guys know that Kate Spade has a whole line out now dedicated to cat and mice? I love love  love this Kate Spade Cat iphone Case.

-I am completely crushing on these Cat Eye Sunnies.

-What better to drink coffee out of than a Cat Mug.

-This comfy cat nightdress is too cute to pass up.

Have a great weekend everyone! *muah*
(Also, please leave feedback if you like this idea or would like to see more of something else. I want to make my readers happy. It means a lot.)


  1. How sweet of the kitties holding paws :) My cat is a hoarder too...he stashes water bottle caps in our bathroom closet, lol. And those Forever sunglasses look almost identical to a pair I wear...I've been looking for a similar pair to link, so thanks! Haha. Have a great weekend!


    1. Hahaha, gotta love cats and their obsession with hoarding. You are totally welcome! Glad I could help out. :) You have a fabulous weekend as well! Thanks for reading!