FAQ About Shopping on Instagram

I am here to teach you the magical ways of shopping on Instagram. It isn't really magical at all, but it can definitely feel like it when you find the most amazing dress for less than half of what it sold for originally. My dress and shoes pictured were both bought on Instagram shops (check my Instagram @caturdaystyle because I tagged them on the post). Also, I wanted to share these pictures because I had so much fun shooting them, and love the flowers too.

FAQ for Shopping on Instagram

1.) How did you find out about Instagram shops
I was introduced to the world of Instagram shops when one of my friends started a closet shop, which I thought was a genius idea, so I started one of my own. Then my life was never the same again. haha But seriously, half of my closet has been bought from Instagram now. Different closet's often share other people's shops so that is how I was able to find many different shops.

2.) How does one shop on Instagram?
So this is a tough one because each shop has a few different policies, but manly when a shop posts (some post daily M-F, weekly, monthly, or randomly) they will introduce their post with their policies. Such as you need to comment your email to claim the item, Paypal only, how much shipping is, when they ship etc. All of the shops that I have ever bought from use Paypal, and it is the best and so easy. Paypal protects the seller and buyer. You comment your email, the shop owner send you an invoice from Paypal and then you can pay with your Paypal account or even pay with a debit or credit card. Super easy! Then if the seller uses Paypal to set up shipping you will then get a notice that a label was printed and will also get a tracking number (this is for certain shops, not all shops use Paypal for shipping). I encourage you to try it, and always ask the seller if you have an doubts. The Instagram shopping community that I have become apart of is so wonderful, kind, and supportive.

3.) Any tips before I venture out into Instagram shopping?
Yes, it can be hard to shop online because you are not able to try the item on, which is why most shops do try-ons or post stock photos so you can see what the item looks like on. Also, please get measurements for the item because almost all Instagram shops do not except returns, but they will measure the item so you can know if it will fit you well or not. Asking for measurements really makes a difference! Some shops already have the measurements posted on their listing.

4.) What are your favorite Instagram shops?
Well, I have many, so this is a hard question to answer, but I will list as many as I can. All of these women have been amazing and kind and I recommend buying from them:

- @itemsiusetolove - many different fun brands (JCrew, Gap, Free People...etc)
- @amylouscloset - all things Anthropologie
- @petitekyshop - different brands that are awesome
- @devansroses - Free People/ Anthropologie / Urban Outfitters
- @youneedmystuff - Target brands, and other fun stuff 
- @shecanthrift - Any and all fun brands
- @shoplindseyscloset - boutique finds and other brands
- @eliseyrichard_closet - because I have to throw mine in the mix too. haha I try to sell mostly Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, JCrew, and boutique brands. Or whatever fun thing that catches my eye. :) Also, I sell my gently used daughter's clothes when she grows out of them.

Those are all my favorites...I might add to this list, but for women's clothes and accessories these are my go to shops. I love all of these shops and have bought from them all, usually multiple times. haha. This list is constantly growing, and I am sorry if I forgot someone because I love other shops too! There are so many to choose from.

5.) What can you buy on Instagram?
Mostly women's clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses, hats...almost anything women related you can find. Also, there are many shops that specialize in selling their child's clothes, so you can find an abundance of girls and boys clothing in any size you need too. Not many shops sell Men's clothes, but every once in awhile, some will. :)

6.) Help with Instagram lingo
This is a fun one and I hope I don't leave anything out. If you need to search for a specific brand of clothing use hashtags, they are awesome, For example, I like Free People a lot, so I will search #freepeopleforsale and then I can find lots of items from Free People that are being sold from all different shops. 
NWT - new with tags
NWOT - new without tags

And like I said if you ever have any questions, ask the shop owner (or me), everyone is super nice and helpful. I hope you are able to find some amazingly cute and cheap clothing items on Instagram. Now go forth and shop! Treat yo self! 

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