Giving Back is the New Black

I love the holidays as much as the next person (Christmas is my absolute fave holiday), but it can also get pretty overwhelming with an ever growing to-do lists with parties and gifts to buy and people and places to see. Ah, see I am already feeling stressed thinking about it. Especially when time seems to be flying by. Like how is Thanksgiving THIS WEEK!?! So crazy. This year has been one heck of a year for our family, and to continue the self care blog posts I have committed to, I'd like to add this one to the list (it may sound contradictory, but bear with me): giving back.


Smooth Legs for the Winter

Yesssss, I know. It's like it's cold out or something, so no one wants to shave. haha. A goal of mine this fall/winter is to shave my legs more cause lets be real, who honestly shaves on the regular during winter time? I sure as heck don't, but I know that I always feel better when I shave my legs, and to me feeling good equates to looking good as well. I am trying to take more time for me, since it has been extra hard to lately, and I know self care is super important. I can't be the best me, if I'm not well rested and feeling the best I can. This will be one of my goals to myself: shave more. I know it may sound stupid, but at the end of the day I will feel better because of it. :)