Smooth Legs for the Winter

Yesssss, I know. It's like it's cold out or something, so no one wants to shave. haha. A goal of mine this fall/winter is to shave my legs more cause lets be real, who honestly shaves on the regular during winter time? I sure as heck don't, but I know that I always feel better when I shave my legs, and to me feeling good equates to looking good as well. I am trying to take more time for me, since it has been extra hard to lately, and I know self care is super important. I can't be the best me, if I'm not well rested and feeling the best I can. This will be one of my goals to myself: shave more. I know it may sound stupid, but at the end of the day I will feel better because of it. :)

YORZ has simplified my life when it comes to shaving. Does anyone else share a bathroom with someone? If so, these are about to make your life waaayyyy easier. My partner and I use the same type of razors, and when I heard of YORZ and what they were about, I knew that these would be great. They are hangable personal razor grips that come in different colors, so the razors don't get mixed up (totally genius!). I love them, and the grip really helps me get a little closer shave too. Plus, I can hang my razor in the shower now, which is way out of reach from my little kiddo's grasp. Mom win!

The next couple of blog posts will be about different ways that I like to take care of myself, so I would love to hear any of your tips for self care? Or some of your favorite ways to care for yourself? Looking forward to your comments. Kisses! 

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