Red Doors

Dress: Free People Beach || Booties: Urban Outfitters 

This is one of my favorite spots in Baltimore. This cathedral is AMAZing. Every time I walk by it I usually take a picture because it is just so stunning. I find something new I like when I see it. I decided to break out these new booties that I am IN LOVE with since the weather has been getting a tad cooler. :) Plus, I just had to wear them. They were staring at me every time I opened my closet begging me to wear them, so I gave in. haha. I am pretty sure my closet is 90% made up of grey and black, and I am completely okay with that. They go with everything, so you can't go wrong. Right?

It was another lazy weekend, but those are usually my favorite. Just family hangs. We have been taking more family walks since it hasn't been so extremely hot outside. Hope you all had a great weekend!



Rompin' Around

Romper: Urban Outfitters (here) || Shoes/Sunglasses: thrifted from Instagram || Necklace: H&M

I love rompers! They can be casual and dressy, and make the look perfectly together. I usually can't wear many rompers because I am so tall, they end up not fitting correctly...if you know what I mean. haha. This one is still available at UO and in different colors too. I definitely recommend it. This is the most comfortable romper ever! Also, that key hole back is killer. ;)

I also love podcasts, and have recently not been listening to as many podcasts as I usually do. As I was driving to work this morning I was catching up on This American Life, and wow, how I miss listening to podcasts. I think This American Life is one of my all time favorites. They can make any mundane thing, like amusement parks, seem so interesting and cool. I love all the stories that they tell. Their podcasts focus on the stories of regular people, and in some crazy way they don't
 seem regular at all by the end. I was listening to the amusement park episode, and it just resonated with me. In every story I feel like I can connect personally and often learn something. I just wanted to share the amazingness of This American Life because if you haven't listened yet, then you are really missing out. Link here to a few favorite episodes from This American Life.

Mornings and evenings have been getting crisp and cooler here. Fall is making its move, and I am getting excited and sad at the same time. I am usually not this sad to see summer leave. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was spent being quite lazy most days....which is sometimes my favorite. Love ya! *muah*


City Walls

 As I was walking around Baltimore one weekend, I went behind an alley and saw some cool graffiti, and in the same alley there was all these different types of street art, so why not capture them all right? I thought they looked pretty cool, so here you go. :) A few pictures from some alley in Baltimore. haha. I adore this slip dress. Slips are perfect for summer (so light and airy) and convert into fall nicely with legging, bootie/boots, and a sweater.

I hope you all having been enjoying the last bit of summer! For some of you it is already over with school starting, and I just can't believe it! Love you all!

Top and undershirt: thrifted from Instagram 
Shoes: Forever 21
Hat: Abercrombie & Fitch


The Small Things

My post from yesterday said that I want to focus on the small things. The good little things that are right in front of me that I hardly notice anymore because of life changes or how busy things are sometimes. I want to show appreciation for these things and then return the kindness, which is one definition of gratitude. So I am challenging myself today to make a list of the small good things that are going on right around me everyday, so I can appreciate them more.

- Morning cuddles from my little
- Having a warm cup of coffee between my fingers
- The happy face and squeal my daughter makes when I come home from work
- Kisses when I leave for work and kisses when I come home
- Being able to admire flowers at the shop. Smelling them, taking in all their glorious colors. Then buying them and seeing them flourish in my home
- The meows my cat makes when I first wake up in the morning 
- Cat head butts
- How little and cute toddler shoes are
- A working car 
- Hello hugs and goodbye hugs from friends
- Inside jokes with my hubby
- Snapchatting with my sister-in-laws
- The smell right after it rains
- Dancing in the rain
- Family jam sessions to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off"
- When my daughter asks me to hold her hand
- Just because kisses
- Twirling in dresses
- Sunset and sunrises
- Hot showers
- Family walks
- Smiling at strangers
- Giving compliments and seeing the other person light up

There are more things I know that I can add, and I will keep embracing and relishing in the small things so I can return the kindness. What would be on your list?



Dress: Free People - thrifted from @shoplindseyscloset || Shoes: Forever 21 || Fedora: here || Necklace: Urban Outfitters

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had lots of fun celebrating our six year anniversary. Makes me feel old when I say that. haha. We did Saturday brunch and got our nails done because we are not traditional like that. Yes, my hubby got a mani/pedi with me. :) That was the highlight of my weekend, and it was perfect. Also, I know the hat is kind of hiding it, but I got my hair fixed up on Friday. Woop woop! I was getting embarrassed of my over grown roots. haha. I have always been a blonde, and I wanted a little change so I am playing with the "lived in look."

I am testing out a new thing. I am trying to savor the simple things in life. Like brunch, coffee with friends, hugs from friends, smiles, holding hands, silent car rides, and loud ones when the kiddo is with us. It is in the simple and mundane things that life abounds. I get caught up in dreaming about these huge things (which is good don't get me wrong. Keep dreaming, dreamers), that I sometimes forget to focus on the great things that I have right in front of me. So that is what I am practicing this week. I don't want to look back five or ten years from now and say where did all the time go. I want to look back and remember all the great things that happened, and relish every bit of it. I want to be present. 

Happy Monday loves! Let's do this! 


Cat Lady Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week is has been fabulous so far.  Today everything cat related will be under $10. You can't beat that!

I found a website called Meowingtons this week and I feel in love. Also, they are having a huge sale so this adorable meow necklace is only $9. They have so many other cat fashion items that I love too like these  knee high catyhose. 

Forever 21 always has a great selections of cat items for less. These cat socks are back in sock and I just added them to my cart.  Too cute to pass up. Also, this mug is to die for. So much cuteness. I didn't think it was possible to love coffee anymore than I do.

And this article proves that cats love pizza just as much as we do. I knew my cat and I shared a strong connnection.

This Compilation Of Cats Stealing Pizza Proves That Cats Are Evil Geniuses

I hope you get to stuff your face with pizza this weekend. Love you all! *muah*


Grey Obsessed

Top: similar here || Jeans: here || Shoes were thrifted from Instagram @shopmyclosetut 

All I can think about when I see these photos is me jamming out to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off. Hence the dancing photos. :) It was blaring from a car radio, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (as you can tell). Basically this whole outfit is from Urban outfitters. haha I love a lot of their clothes, especially their jeans. They have a really great quality to them, and are super soft and comfy. Also, I love grey. I love love love love love it. The color goes with everything, and it so neutral. 

Our weekend was busy, it was fun hanging out with our friends on Saturday, but other than that it was pretty chill. My hubby has kidney stones for the second time *sigh*, so he had a procedure yesterday to help break them up. It went well, he is just in a lot of pain. I felt bad leaving him with the kiddo and going back to work today. :( But back to the daily grind I go.

Have a fabulous day! Love you all!