Cat Lady Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week is has been fabulous so far.  Today everything cat related will be under $10. You can't beat that!

I found a website called Meowingtons this week and I feel in love. Also, they are having a huge sale so this adorable meow necklace is only $9. They have so many other cat fashion items that I love too like these  knee high catyhose. 

Forever 21 always has a great selections of cat items for less. These cat socks are back in sock and I just added them to my cart.  Too cute to pass up. Also, this mug is to die for. So much cuteness. I didn't think it was possible to love coffee anymore than I do.

And this article proves that cats love pizza just as much as we do. I knew my cat and I shared a strong connnection.

This Compilation Of Cats Stealing Pizza Proves That Cats Are Evil Geniuses

I hope you get to stuff your face with pizza this weekend. Love you all! *muah*

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