The Small Things

My post from yesterday said that I want to focus on the small things. The good little things that are right in front of me that I hardly notice anymore because of life changes or how busy things are sometimes. I want to show appreciation for these things and then return the kindness, which is one definition of gratitude. So I am challenging myself today to make a list of the small good things that are going on right around me everyday, so I can appreciate them more.

- Morning cuddles from my little
- Having a warm cup of coffee between my fingers
- The happy face and squeal my daughter makes when I come home from work
- Kisses when I leave for work and kisses when I come home
- Being able to admire flowers at the shop. Smelling them, taking in all their glorious colors. Then buying them and seeing them flourish in my home
- The meows my cat makes when I first wake up in the morning 
- Cat head butts
- How little and cute toddler shoes are
- A working car 
- Hello hugs and goodbye hugs from friends
- Inside jokes with my hubby
- Snapchatting with my sister-in-laws
- The smell right after it rains
- Dancing in the rain
- Family jam sessions to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off"
- When my daughter asks me to hold her hand
- Just because kisses
- Twirling in dresses
- Sunset and sunrises
- Hot showers
- Family walks
- Smiling at strangers
- Giving compliments and seeing the other person light up

There are more things I know that I can add, and I will keep embracing and relishing in the small things so I can return the kindness. What would be on your list?

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