Denim X Off The Shoulder

Top: SheIn || Denim: thrifted from IG || Flats: Target || Choker: Brightside Boutique 

This top from SheIn adds three of some of my favorite trends together: denim, frays, and off the shoulder. It has seriously become my summer go to because if I could be wearing denim from head to toe everyday and I would be a happy camper. I LOVE denim...in case you didn't already know. :) I think blue might be my all time favorite color now too. I have never claimed to have a favorite color because I like too many for different reasons and each color deserves to be loved in it's own way. Ya know? Well except maybe orange...we have never gotten along. Okay, I am done with my color rant. haha. I have just been enjoy wearing blue soooo much now, that it might become my favorite color, which for me is huge to admit. Anyhow, this top is on super sale right now, so don't miss out!

Has anyone else been basically melting in the heat lately? It has been so brutally hot outside, which has become my excuse for eating ice cream everyday. What are your favorite ways to stay cool during summer heat waves? 


My Skin Care Routine

Can we just talk about adult acne for a second....oh my goodness do I hate this stuff. I have never had to deal with acne until I was in my 20s, and I feel like no one prepared me for it. Everyone always says acne is for teens, and it usually goes away when you are older. Well, I have the opposite experience, and it has made me feel like a crazy person. Most of the acne products are geared toward teenagers, and they were not working very well for me. After being frustrated for awhile I turned to the internet and realized that apparently adult acne is a THING that other people struggle with it too. So I tried many different products (including natural remedies too) and tools with some success, but not what I was promised. Nothing was a cure-all item. 

With all of that being said, I have found a new favorite skin care line that has really made a difference called OSEA, which stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. How cool is that? OSEA is vegan, gluten free, and biodegradable. Some of the best things that have worked for my skin are the natural skin care items, and this brand proves it. My two favorite items are the Blemish Balm and Ocean Cleansing Milk. On top of having acne, my skin is also sensitive and prone to being dry, so this combination has really helped me. I still do breakout sometimes, which might be in part to my diet (eeek! that is the next thing I need to work on), but I have seen such a huge improvement with these products. I do not like having to do a whole lot in the morning and night for my skin care routine, so these two products are basically it for me. Sometimes if my skin is extra dry I will add a little bit of Argan oil.

One more product that I am raving about lately is the Epic Blend lip balm. This is seriously the best lip balm ever! I don't have to use it as much as the other lip balms that use petroleum jelly as their main ingredient because it is much more moisturizing. I always carry one in my bag now. It is seriously a game changer, so I just had to share it with you. My fave is the Hemp Coconut lip balm. It's smells and feels amazing. :)

I'd love to hear some of your skincare secrets or favorite products, so please share!


Wood Watch

Watch: JORD Wood Watches || Tank: Brightside Boutique || Jacket: Forever 21 || Sandals: Birkenstock || Jeans: Loft

I honestly haven't ever been much of a watch person...especially with phones now days who really uses a watch? haha. But then I saw these beautiful women's watches, I knew I would love it and I really really do! I have gotten so many compliments on it recently too. It is super light weight and fits very comfortably. I thought it would take me awhile to get used to wearing a watch, but it really didn't. I love wearing it! It adds that finishing touch to most of my outfits because somehow I feel more put together when I am wearing it...yeah I am a weirdo. (:

I have still been celebrating my birthday...a week later. haha. I had a girls weekend in Chincoteague, and we had a blast at the beach. That little island has the coolest story, and the wild horses on beach was a sight to see! I am finally getting a summer tan too, so yay! Hope your week is going well so far! Xoxo!
 Best Wooden Watch


Summer Whites

Dress: Forever Dolledup || Shoes/Choker: Forever 21

All white is trending for summer, and this white lacy dress from Forever Dolled Up is the perfect summer piece. I love the little see through lacy section. I paired this dress with black gladiator sandals because I often don't like to wear items that are all super dressy together. So when I do where something a little more fancy than my day to day wear I usually dress it down with my shoes or add something that people wouldn't ordinarily add like a more casual belt, cardigan/sweater, shoes, or jewelry. It really all just depends on what the clothing piece is like. Dresses are really fun to do this with because you can really add almost anything to change the feel and your look all together. The outfit ideas are endless!

Caroline over at Forever Dolled Up is the sweetest and hooked you guys up with a 20% off coupon code that will last until 7/31/16, so you definitely need to go check out all their beautiful dresses. I'm in love with all of them.

Hope you all had the best weekend and enjoyed the fourth of July celebrations (if that is your thing :)! It seemed like the fireworks would never stop last night. haha.


Summer Essentials


POPSUGAR sent me this June Must Have Box to try, and I love all of these summer essentials. My favorite items are the Sriracha Pressels because I love food (duh! haha). They are super addictive! Also, I looooove the printed sarong. I'm so excited to wear this cover-up for my next beach/pool trip. It is always fun to receive happy mail...especially when it is all a surprise too. I had no idea what to expect. I loved going through every item and trying them out and getting new things to try that I probably wouldn't get on my own.

Sorry that this post is a little bit later than usual. This week has been crazy because I just got back from a work trip to Miami (a little work and a little play. hehe). I might of had too much fun because I am just about as red as a tomato today thanks to this intense sunburn. Hopefully it turns into a nice tan. haha. Hope your week has been going well! Super excited for the upcoming weekend since I will be celebrating my birthday on Sunday. :) Love y'all!