Cat Lady Style with Zaful

This outfit has definitely been one of the most fun to wear. I kept getting compliments on the bodysuit and these sunnies are my new fave accessory. I'm pretty sure I just took crazy cat lady to a new level with this one, but cat fashion is super trendy right now, so I will just keep riding that wave forever. haha. I mean you just can't go wrong with a bodysuit, plus it has a kitty print, so it is a total win-win. I love being able to add my personality to my style. I think that is what makes it fun. Trendy is cool, but I think it is more important to feel good and have fun. No matter how many of my friends think I'm crazy (they are probably right). :)


Wrapped Up In Floral

As I admitted on my recent IG post, I am addicted to wrap dresses. I love them so much...and this floral print has me swooning for fall. I keep buying more and more floral...its a problem. haha. I know people like floral prints for spring, but they are my favorite during fall/winter transitions. Who needs to follow these rules anyway? :) I'm excited to transition this dress (and the other color I have too, told you I have a problem) to fall by adding a leather jacket. It's that simple. Add a cute jacket and/or sweater with some of your favorite summer dresses and boom you have your fall outfit.