Wrapped Up In Floral

As I admitted on my recent IG post, I am addicted to wrap dresses. I love them so much...and this floral print has me swooning for fall. I keep buying more and more floral...its a problem. haha. I know people like floral prints for spring, but they are my favorite during fall/winter transitions. Who needs to follow these rules anyway? :) I'm excited to transition this dress (and the other color I have too, told you I have a problem) to fall by adding a leather jacket. It's that simple. Add a cute jacket and/or sweater with some of your favorite summer dresses and boom you have your fall outfit. 

Dress/Choker: Brightside Boutique || Flats: Charlotte Russe

I just want to thank you all for your kind comments, messages, and even gifts regarding my last blog update on my daughter. I am so amazed by this community that I have become connected with locally and on Instagram. You all are so generous, kind, and super supportive to someone who you really hardly even know (even though it feels like some of y'all are my besties now). I love you all and hope I can get the opportunity to return the same kindness to you one day. Xoxo!

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