Bye 2017!

I wanted to shared some of my favorite photos from my phone that were taken last year that I haven't shared at all yet. It was so hard to just pick a select few, so I might be oversharing but oh weelll. I did my best to put these in chronological order, so I hope you enjoy!

(this wasn't taken on my phone. Paul Trader took this photo of us at 29 Rooms, but I still wanted to include it because this is one of my faves!)

2017 started out with Sansa's first bone marrow transplant and ended with her second transplant. Reflecting on all the happened this year blows my mind. Lots of good and lots of bad. We bought a house, went to the beach/pool more than ever, Sansa relapsed again, we hung out with so many lovely people and gained some new friendships, Nikki got a book deal, I grew a lot through the hardships, and so much more in-between. This year was probably the toughest one yet. I am still trying to get a grasp on all my hard feelings, but I am thankful for all the good and for every single person that helped make the year a little easier. And on a good note, we got to come home from the hospital and start 2018 out right!

Sometimes it is easy to hit refresh and hope for something better for the new year. I don't set resolutions, so this year I am going to set monthly goals for myself and have an overall theme for the year which is thoughtfulness. It is so easy to get self absorbed with all my problems because I could make a list about a mile long, but when I do something for someone else all my problems seem less significant. My goal is to do something kind once a month. It doesn't have to be anything big. Some of what I was thinking could be support a co-worker who needs help with a project, buy a co-worker, a friend, or some random stranger lunch, cook a meal for someone who is sick or just because, bake cookies for a nursing home/fire department, buy flowers for someone on the street...I could go on and on and might put a list together in a different post if you guys want to join in on this too!

I am wishing you all the happiest new year and that 2018 would be one of your best years yet! Have any of you set goals yet for 2018? I'd love to hear them! xoxo

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