A Holiday Look

Jacket: Savers Thrift || Top: Madewell || Skirt: Hollister || Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I am usually not one to wear super sparkly things just because it is the holidays (sequins can be my enemy some days), so this is about as holiday as I get. The fringes are festive, right?!? I wore (almost) this outfit to my work holiday party this weekend. So. Much. Fun. :) 

Can we just take a second to talk about fringe. I am pretty sure my cat loves fringe just as much as I do because she attacks me anytime she sees that I am wearing some. So I have to hide purses, shoes, etc. from her or else she will destroy them. Right now fringe is on par with cat stuff. Like if you get me something with fringe I will love it no matter what it is, which is the same thing I say about cat things. When asked what I wanted for Christmas I just said basically you can get me anything with cats on it and I will love it. haha. I am not sure how long I will love fringe because it is showing up everywhere, but man do I really love it right now. Who's with me?

Also, I can't believe Christmas is this week...like it is in three days. Holy crap! I do not feel ready. Maybe it is this warm weather that is still throwing me off. Hope you all enjoy your holidays and time with family and friends! *muah*

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