Dress: J. Crew || Boots: Just Fab

Sometimes all you need is a dress and a pair of boots to make you feel fabulously fall. I loooovvvvee plaid. Especially for fall/winter because it feels festive. Maybe that is just me? :) Plus, flannels are super comfy...another win! I have been so pumped that this fall weather has been pretty mild, and thus I've been able to not leave the house freezing in a dress...at least not yet anyway. Since my legs are super long (yeah yeah...most of you don't think this is a problem), these OTK boots barely cover my knees. *le sigh* I am on the hunt for another pair. What are your favorite brands?

Side note, I can't believe that Christmas is almost here and that we are wrapping up 2015. It just flew by!! Hope you have been enjoying this holiday season. Have a lovely rest of your week!

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