Sweater: thrifted from Instagram (@youneedmystuff ) || Flannel: Urban Outfitters (men's section) || Jeans: American Eagle || Boots: Target 

It is official. I just can't say no to anything with cats on it..which is why my timeline on Facebook has me tagged in all things cat...and Justin Bieber because my love for Bieber is also very real. My friends know me too well. :) So when I spotted this sweater with the cutest cat face, I couldn't resist.

This was my Thanksgiving outfit. For some reason Thanksgiving isn't really a holiday we dress up for, so the usual jeans and a sweater it was. I did regret wearing these jeans though. I had to unbutton them after eating about two huge plates full of amaingness. *hiding in shame* Next year it will be stretchy pants for sure. I should have listened to Joey from Friends, and worn my Thanksgiving pants. haha.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday?  

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