Fave Backpack + Thankful Ramblings

So I planned on doing this appreciation/being thankful type post yesterday, but of course that morning I got a flat tire, so I really did't feel like being thankful at all that day (which is why this post is finally getting done today. haha). I was rushing around trying to get to work and was already behind so when I saw that the car had a flat tire I was just D O N E with Monday before I was really able to start my day. My Monday sucked, for other reasons on top of this one, but I still had all those things that I am really thankful for existing in my life. On hard days and the best days, I have positive things going on. It just depends on what I focus on that makes me see the good or bad. Even though yesterday sucked and tomorrow may too, who knows, I still had a really great weekend, (and month for the most part) and I let my Monday blues take that away from me.

I've just been feeling really blessed by all the amazing people in my life lately, and I don't want to get caught up in life's distractions and miss all the great things going on around me. Heck, it's already March you guys!! It feels like 2017 just started. Time keeps flying by...can it just slow down for a minute? Anyway...people are what really make my life great, not the things, and I have a really great support group of women, friends, and creatives in Baltimore. I've been so fortunate to be able to do the creative things that I love with such wonderful humans. Of course everyday I count my blessings with Sansa and Nikki. Like how did I get this lucky to have such a great family? They always make me laugh and my life is so much better with them. Sansa is doing super well too guys, sorry I forgot to update you all. She is kicking butt after her bone marrow transplant and we have been home for about three weeks now. YAY! On top of all that, we started looking to buy a house last week, and wow I can't believe I am typing that out because it makes me feel like such an adult. So yeah, I'm just feeling really fortunate and sappy right now. :)

 Bag: Hazlmay  || Shoes/sweater: Urban Outfitters || Jacket: Forever 21 || Pants: Thrifted

Now onto this backpack...I loooooove it. I only get a new bag every year or so (depending on the season and situation), so when I actually get a new bag, it is a good one. :) I have been wanting to get a backpack so bad, but I just never found the right one. Most of the one's I have found are usually too small, and let's be honest, small bags just aren't practical for my lifestyle. haha. I carry my life around with me in my bag, especially since I've got extra mom things to carry when Sansa is with me, so it is important for me to have a medium-large size bag. I love how roomy this backpack is, but it doesn't feel that big. I like roomy bags, but it can't be too big and bulky (yeah, I know. I'm a weird one). I can carry around everything I need in this bag, which is a big deal for me. I like that the straps don't kill my shoulders either. AND it comes in the color grey! If you don't know yet, grey is one of my favorite colors to wear and accessorize with because it goes with everything. Hazlmay is awesome and is giving you all a 20% off discount if you use the code: CATURDAYSTYLE20 until 4/7/17.

Hope your week is off to a better start than mine. :)

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