Capsule Wardrobe: Finding My Style Challenge

While cleaning out my closet and picking pieces for my spring capsule wardrobe (what is a capsule wardrobe? see my post here), I started to struggle with narrowing down my closet and choosing a "style." I have lots of different pieces in my closet that are so different from each other. Is my wardrobe bohemian, urban, monochromatic, classic, chic, glam, romantic, retro, etc.? I don't know guys. haha.

 I was recently Glimpsed by the Baltimore Sun, which showcases pictures of fashion forward locals at events. I felt super special to be picked from a crowd for my style, and when Sloane started asking questions about my personal style I kind of blanked and listed so many descriptions that it didn't even make sense. Cue the embarrassment. Nikki was with me, and was like, "what are you even saying right now?" No lie. haha. I don't really know how I would describe my style, and that probably makes me a bad style/fashion blogger. Out of all the people who can describe their style, shouldn't I be one of them? 

My whole life I have never really liked labels. In fact, I hate them. In life and in fashion too, apparently. Why does society always want us to fit into some category? I just want to exist and be me. I don't like labeling myself because I feel like I am more complex than just a "bohemian fashion blogger." I strive to go against the grain, so if someone can narrow me down into a label I feel like I've failed being me. This is just a personal preference and a personality quirk of mine. If you tell me I am one thing, I will likely say I'm the other. If you tell me to do something, I will likely do the exact opposite. Yeah, I'm a stubborn one who doesn't like rules. haha. Speaking of personality, Nikki and I have been taking lots of online personality tests recently, and it's been tons of fun reading stuff and being like "YES" that is so me. The best one so far is this one if you like taking personality tests/quizzes. If you take it, let me know what you are. I loooove this stuff. I'm the "campaigner". :)

Rejecting labels can be lots of fun, but when I look at my closet I don't even know where to start with picking items for my spring capsule. I start to add one or two items every day, and then just stop because I'm frustrated. I think this frustration comes from not knowing what I really love to wear. I love fashion and style because it is my form of art. It changes day to day based on my mood and what I want to communicate to the world, but lately getting ready in the morning has not been as enjoyable as it used to be. Hence, one of the many reason's I'm attempting this capsule wardrobe thing for spring, and also why I am reading The Curated Closet. Part II of this book begins with a style challenge of documenting outfits for two weeks. I will be taking pictures of all my outfits for the next two weeks, and then answering questions about why I choose those outfits, how did they make me feel, etc. I just started this challenge over the weekend, and I want to fast forward two weeks. haha. I don't really know what I will discover at the end of it all, but I love learning more about myself, and I hope this challenge will really help me understand my own style. I want to be able to know what I love and look good in, and be confident in my own unique personal style. I will never fit into any label, at least not according to my standards. I am proud of that. But when asked a question about my style, I want to know how to answer it confidently even if only to say I don't fall into one category, but many because it is okay to be whoever you want to be.

 Sweater: Stylewe || Pants: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Forever 21

I love this sweater. It is definitely going to be added into my spring capsule wardrobe. The other hard thing about picking clothes for spring is that the weather can be very different day to day, so I will need to add sweaters like this one from StyleWe into my capsule. I love it because it goes with everything, and it laces up. I'm still loving lace up anything so that is a plus. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend! xoxo!

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