Black and White

Top and Sweater: Urban Outfitters || Jeans: American Eagle || Shoes: Target || Backpack: thrifted :) 

I tend to lean toward more black and white (and greys of course) colors when it comes to clothing because they are so classic. So naturally I chose a wall to match my outfit. haha. A crazy scene to flow with the pattern mixing because it is fun to shake it up a little. :) Both of these murals are on the same wall, and I wish I could have gotten the whole scene in a picture, but I couldn't fit it all because this wall is HUGE. 

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend (if you were lucky enough to have Monday off)! It was super hot here...and it is still so hot. I am wanting to add more layers to my clothes, but it is hard when it is 90+ degrees outside. Come one fall where are you? Pumpkin spice lattes are here, so you should be too. Speaking of psl, did you get yours yet? I got mine this morning and gulped it down in about 5 minutes. So yummy!

Enjoy your week! Love you all! *muah* 

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