Retro Tee

Tee: Forever 21 || Flares: Free People || Shoes: ThredUp || Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

Its has been feeling like summer so much lately, and I looooove it! I was sweating in this picture (if you can't tell), which is why the iced coffee was a necessary cool down. haha. Vintage and graphic tees are trending major right now, and they make for a nice casual outfit. Perfect for a comfy/casual/cute summer outfit. Pair the tee with jeans/short/skirt and you are set.

My family and I just came back from Florida this week. We went to Disney World and has a BLAST! I have never seen my daughter so happy and content. We had so many beautiful moments...aside from the non-stop sweating and sunburns. haha. No matter how prepared for the sun I was, it wasn't enough for that Florida sun and heat. I got over my fear of roller coasters (it is a legit fear you guys) and rode the Tower of Terror. Worst. Decision. EVER. Maybe if you guys are lucky you will get to see the picture from the ride. I look terrified and in pain at the same time. haha. I rode the other coasters and had fun with those at least. :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo 

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